Frequently Asked Questions

faqWhat do we need to get started?

  • A full set of Architectural drawings (either half size or full size uploaded to our ftp site)
  • A full set of Structural drawings (either half size or full size uploaded to our ftp site)
  • A copy of the specification sections for all of the work to be included in the drawings
  • A completed copy of the CGDD Shop Drawing Request form (found on this web page).
  • A copy of your P.O. (if used)
  • A copy of your original takeoff showing what elevations you have included in your original bid (please exclude any exclusive or proprietary pricing)

How long will it take to get your drawings?

We understand the unique time constraints and requirements associated with shop drawing submittals. Our lead times vary from week to week, sometimes even day to day.
CGDD typically requires 8 to 10 business days for an average job. Smaller jobs can be turned around much sooner.

Do you provide full size prints of drawings?

Unfortunately we are very limited on our office space and do not have the necessary equipment to run full size copies and that is why we provide you with PDF files of the drawings. These are setup to full size and you are then able to print them in house on whatever size paper you desire or you can take the PDF files to your local printers and have them print out the size and quantity you require.

How do you present your billing?

We bill at the completion of the drawings and will email you an invoice in PDF format. All of our invoices are Due Upon Receipt.